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10 Emails package 

Grow and nurture your list, the easy way...

by hiring me!

What you get...

  • Freebie Creation

  • Opt-In Page

  • 5 Welcome Emails

  • 5 Nurture Emails

Why you need this...

We all know the bigger your email list audience, the more you can help others (and make more sales, too).

But who has the time to do all the work?

That's why I'm here to help you from Freebie to Automated Emails. I assist you by creating, designing, and  setting up your emails. Done and done.

The deal...



What email server should I use?

I can work with ANY that you prefer, but I can recommend my fave too!

What if I don't have a freebie idea?

We can work together to figure out your "WOW" free download to attract new subscribers.

Do you design everything?

Yes! I even use your branding to create a cohesive look for you.

How will this grow my list?

I'll help you by sharing ways to get your new Freebie out to the world!

LEt's Get Started


Regina Ellis,

She Heard the Call

Can I just say Charlese is totally incredible! She is a pillar of knowledge, 

I felt like I have known her for years. She knows what she is doing. She will elevate your business with her knowledge and talent.


Yesim Saracer,

Professional Photographer

Being a solopreneur while trying to DIY almost everything overwhelms me. Working on my social media profile with Charlese was a huge relief in this sense. She was fun and easy to work with... I recommend that you ask her how she can help you with online marketing and she will provide info on her services ranging from social media to email funnels and landing pages.


Jessica Hendry,

Honey Bee Sweat

Working with Girl at the Yellow Desk has saved me so much time and freed me up to focus on other aspects of my business. I really appreciated her resourcefulness and willingness to offer solutions to the problems we would encounter along the way. If you are looking for a copywriter, I highly recommend Girl at the Yellow Desk.

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