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Plan Your Best Launch,Ever!


If you find yourself...

😫 Feeling overwhelmed by all the writing you need to get done for your launch

😫 Spending too many hours learning all the ways to get more sales with your words

😫 Needing to build a larger audience to launch to, but you're so busy creating content

😫 Hating your lackluster posts and emails that won't close the deal

Then it's time to

stop overthinking and

get these templates!

Plan Your Best Launch,Ever!

is EXACTLY what you've been waiting for.

👉 Learn what to write way ahead of time and set yourself up for a stress-free launch that sells!

👉 Stop guessing, copying others, or asking a million so-called experts for FREE advice in Facebook Groups that leaves you more confused. 

👉 It's your access to the creation process used by coaches making 5 -7 figures on their launches (I know, I learned these from working with them). 


👉 PYBLE! streamlines the entire process with all your writing templates done-for-you.

👉👉 AND the best part... you can sit back and enjoy the launch once all the writing is done.


NO MORE STRESSING about what to say, ever again!

DIY your Launch with lessons on...


✔️ Getting in the right head space

✔️ Simplifying your sales funnel

✔️ Creating a content calendar

✔️ Growing your audience

✔️ Writing content that sells

 ✔️Where to post and when

✔️ Writing emails that get opened

✔️ Selling in the DMs or on calls


... with all the templates (and info) you need to bring in the $$!

PYBLE Mockups.png

It's like having your launch already done, in your own words.

Sales Page Testimonials.png

I wasn't always the industry expert I am today...

As a business owner for over 22 years in the beauty industry

(think salon owner, educator for top luxury brands, hairstylist,

sales manager, and more!) I was used to marketing my

businesses and DIY-ing what I could.

In 2018, an emergency back surgery, had me change my career.

This early retirement led me to use what I already knew about online

marketing and apply the online coaching world.


My niche found me! I learned how to launch courses and products online for other female entrepreneurs and coaches like yourself. I dedicated my time to learning content creation, copy, sales, and anything else that could help.

I worked for large coaching programs where I was taught how to create (and repeat) 5 - 7 figure launch revenue, from the best in the business!

I regularly contribute to Entrepreneur Magazine and have been interviewed and featured in dozens of podcasts, articles, blogs, and Summits.

I'm known as an expert in launch copy, strategy, and support... but since there's only one of me, it became time to pass my knowledge on to you so you can DIY your own 5 figure course launch!


Hi, I'm Charlese, your launch expert and copywriter extraordinaire!

Your potential clients will LOVE what you post and send them!

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 12.55.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 12.55.08 PM.png


Plan Your Best Launch, Ever! is everything you need

to write the copy for your (money-making) program launch.

🚀 Step 1: Welcome

Follow the plans to get the most out of this course and your launch!

🚀 Step 2: The Secret to Getting Started Right

The best way to keep your head in the game is revealed in this short, but powerful video.

🚀 Step 3: Your Masterplan

Use the templates inside to create your sales funnel and content calendar. Pick a launch date and go!

🚀 Step 4: Get the Word Out Early

Grow your audience of fans before you open the cart. Use these methods to bring more people into your funnel and get higher conversions. It's never too early to start this process, so you can do this at the same time you create content. You can even make money right away with pre-sales! 

🚀 Step 5: Create That Content!

At a loss for words? Personalize the email and social media templates provided. You'll have all your posts written in a flash. 

🚀 Step 6: Schedule It and Forget It

Put your powerful sales content to work... BEFORE you open the cart to your program.

🚀 Step 7: Time to Launch!

You did the work, now you get to watch it all unfold (and the dollars roll in)! 


15 Step-by-Step Videos and

Templates for EVERYTHING!

✔️ Content Calendar

✔️ Sales Funnels

✔️ ALL Emails!!!

✔️ Social Media Captions

      ...and more!

🎉 PLUS These Incredible BONUSES!

✨ Email Marketing Bundle ($497 value)

✨ 4 Steps to Copy that SELLS Kit!

✨ High-Ticket Sales Call Script ($97 value)

✨ DM Sales Script

✨ Magic 9-Word Email Hack 

✨ 19 Scroll Stopping Hooks ($37 value)

Total Value = $3897


for lifetime access to all the templates and the lessons on how to use them PLUS bonuses to help you $ELL!

ONLY $997!

NOW $797
when you Pay-In-Full


Is it ok that I'm a complete newbie to this whole launch thing?

Yes! This will help you set up your first, very successful launch without wasting time piecing together free strategies you learned off Instagram or paying​ for an extremely high ticket group program. You can DIY this!

I've launched before, but haven't reached 5 figures, is this for me?

Absolutely. Even 7 figure launch experts follow these same plans over and over. Use what you learn here to assess where you can improve your next launch until you see the numbers you hoped for.

Do you guarantee I'll make 5 figures on my launch?

There are very few 100% guarantees in life, my friend, and I can't offer you one here, either. I can promise that if you implement the strategies outlined and use the templates you will see success. You may need to practice a few times, but many of my students and clients have reached 5 figure payouts on just one try... then they repeat that and increase their prices and audience for more!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay in full or divide it into 3 payments. Choose your option at checkout.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes. Once you buy, you own PYBLE and every update for life!

What's the refund policy?

It's my hope you will see the incredible value (of just the templates and bonuses, alone)! Since you're granted access to the course materials right away, we have a strict no refunds policy.

More Questions?                                          


So, you've scrolled to the bottom of this sales page to make sure you haven't missed a thing.

You're like me, always want to know everything before choosing to invest. I get it... I mean, what makes this different? Why will this course change your life? (I'm a bottom scroller too!)

👍 Here's what I can promise you:

This course was over a year in the making.

It contains my best advice on how to have the most successful launch.

I teach you what I learned from everyone I've worked with.

I'm always around on social media for you to reach out and ask for advice.

I'm here for you.

👎 What I can't promise you:

That a course will really change your life. You have to change it by doing the work, trying a new method when yours doesn't work, and believing in your ability to learn and apply new things that could ultimately be the thing that bring about the changes you're looking for.

But those new things just might be inside PYBLE!

👉 Bottom line:

This course will help you plan for your best launch, ever.

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