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Hey, girl!

So you're looking for the words to help your next program launch sell out?

You've landed in the right place, my friend.


Check out ways to make that happen!

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"Charlese is the perfect example of many things we believe in, here at The Women Wave: collaboration over competition, work-in-progress mindset, resilience, finding opportunity in hard times, and a good sense of HUMOR. The list goes on. What a dream!"


She Runs Wild

"As a fellow female entrepreneur who wants to do-it-all, it is sometimes really hard to delegate. From the very first call I had with Charlese, I knew that she would become a powerful asset to my business. 


Charlese is incredibly smart and is a self-starter. She asks intelligent questions and is always concise and to the point. I love working with Charlese and will definitely continue to do so!"


–Emilie Given

She’s A Given VA Agency

Hi, I'm Charlese!

I wasn't always a copywriter. But I've always been a writer.

Despite that, for over 20 years, I was a hairstylist, educator, and salon owner who specialized in making clients feel beautiful and fellow stylists more powerful in business.

Known as a nurturer, storyteller, and expert at digital marketing for entrepreneurs... it was an easy transition to start helping females with online companies when I changed careers in 2019.

Now my passion is using my years of business and knowing people to write copy that helps sell while having a ton of fun!

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copywriter + Launch Specialist

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