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Are you Properly Nurturing Your Email Subscribers?


One of my favorite things to do for clients is build and manage email lists! There is something so satisfying about helping a business to directly market (practically for free) and convert warmed up leads into sales. Last post talked about building email lists. So now let's get into your email nurture content for your subscribers!

Do you have a strategy in place for this?

I will be honest, I wasted a lot of time agonizing over the perfect content and funnel for my business before I subscribers simply want to hear more of what they are used to from me!

Here are some great ways to nurture your subscribers that are simple:

  • Give value! Share tips to help them.

  • Direct them to more of your content that they can easily click to for more info.

  • Share more freebies! Create some to go along with your message and send them!

  • Have contests! Give away one of your services or something fun in exchange for them sharing your content with their friends or giving feedback.

  • Thank them for following and ask for their opinions to better serve them.

  • Encourage community and positivity with quotes and mentions.

Before I compose nurture sequences, I make a list of upcoming goals, such as launches of programs and services or upcoming events. I then work backwards to create content leading up to the announcement of that product or service. The emails can easily and simply inform them of what's to come, but to keep a friendship going I work on tactics to avoid being boring!

Being interesting:

  • Write the way you speak in real life, being YOU keeps the attention of those who have chosen to follow you in the first place.

  • Don't be shy to be funny! If you are funny or sarcastic or have opinions, don't hide behind too professional a persona.

  • Stay kind and uplifting even when expressing yourself. Humans are drawn to happiness.

  • Include videos, pictures or GIFs. It keeps being said how video is the new normal and they also add to the fun!


Of course there is a lot more to writing more sales oriented emails, using the right verbiage and word sequences to inspire sales... that's the magic of a good copywriter! So if you are more serious about converting subscribers into buyers, consider outsourcing this important task to a professional, especially for big launches and major events. I can't tell you how often I hear "This is just not what I want to do with my time" or "It's not my favorite thing to do". That is the perfect time to hire someone who loves to do this for you. And I happen to know one...ME! Click here to start working with me, letting me give you peace of mind to make money while doing less work.

And in the meantime please make sure to download my FREE GUIDE on how to start your email list here if you haven't grabbed it already!


Thanks for reading!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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