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Awesome Instagram Photos... My Top Picks for Better Pics


Do you ever look with envy at beautiful Instagram feeds and wonder where such beautiful photos come from?

Believe it or not I get asked about this A LOT and fortunately for you, I have a few clear and simple solutions to begin presenting even more gorgeous photos to your follow

  • Schedule a photo shoot: Get a talented photographer, friend or even a tripod! Go to a picture-worthy location with several outfit changes and some pretty props and dedicate just a couple of hours to getting various shots of you and flatlays of items you use in biz. Remember, if you can get a real photog, you'll end up with properly lit shots that are edited to look stunning, plus you own them for your branding!

  • Choose filters you use regularly on the Lightroom app. I buy mine on Etsy and get them from Pixistock, who offers stock photos as well (see next bullet point)! These are all very affordable and they help keep my feed looking relatively similar for a great visual. I run every single one of my selfies and downloaded shots through Lightroom filters to perfect their cohesive look before adding it to my Instagram.

  • Don't be afraid to use stock photos intermittently! Personally, I use a mix of professional paid services and free ones. For amazing female entrepreneurs, I pay for support from: Pixistock and Lollipop Stock as well as Social Curators. My very favorite FREE site is: Unsplash.

I hope these helped inspire you to post more beautiful content without worry! As always, check out my Instagram for more inspirations and reach out any time with questions or requests to hire me to audit your Instagram and set it up for you to get rolling.


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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