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Beat the Algorithm with an Authentic and Organic Social Media Feed

Can you beat that ever changing algorithm? Yes, and no... It seems to constantly change with each update in an effort to get you to spend more time on the site. So, the way to solve this issue is to stop trying to beat it and just follow the intention of Instagram which is to create authentic and organic content.

Wait... How do you do this? If you have read my last blog post, it shared with you how to pick 9 categories that express your personal interests. That is a great start. Next, make sure that you don't post random pictures you think look pretty, honestly think of the intention for each post. When working on captions, start with thinking about who you plan to reach with the post and what you would say to this person or people. What is their pain point you can solve and then think about how you relate to them. When did you feel the same way? Who else feels the same way? Finally, give way(s) to solve this.

For example if you were to turn this blog post into an Instagram post, you would perhaps post a flat lay photo of a hand holding a phone with Instagram open and your caption would say " Can you really beat the algorithm?" Next you would list some of my tips here below.

Ok, now that I think about it that's exactly what I am going to do! Haha! Check out my post to see how this looks...

Meanwhile, check out my FREEBIE that has 5 Ways to a Captivating Instagram Feed for more tips and please let me know how I can help you. I do this for a living, you know...



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