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Content Creation... How?


When speaking to my amazing 6-7 figure income earning clients, I often hear them say, "I struggle with creating my content!" Most people I work with do the most amazing things, but they often say they just don't enjoy the process of creating copy and content for social media, emails and sales pages.

I wanted to share with you a few things to inspire you and bring you joy when speaking to your clients with your words. Here are some simple tips:

  • Tell a Story. Everyone loves a tale, especially a well-told one. When I was growing up, reading was my favorite thing ever! I couldn't get enough books to read in the summer (I think I rented out the entire library by the end of month 1) and one day I began writing too, much to the excitement of my high school teachers. In fact, my high school counselor tried to pressure me into a degree in journalism since my teachers bragged about my ability to share my life experiences on paper. Did you find yourself involved even just in a little in that story? Haha, then you see my point.

  • Write Like You Speak. This is easier said than done. Literally! It takes some practice to write in a coherent way that also is similar to how you speak. I spend time writing my stories in a journal, typing out how I would speak and learning to communicate better and better with an authentic voice.

  • Keep It Moving. No one likes a long, drawn out story. Keep in succinct, keep it moving and write to draw your client to keep reading each next line. Which brings me to my next point...

  • Address Client Struggles. Ok, this has nothing to do with the last point, but it kept you reading which was the point of that. Remember, though, the real reason you are writing to clients is to express how you will help them, so you have to speak to their struggles. Acknowledge and then share with them that you can relate. Then offer your solution.

  • Call To Action. Finally, end each post, letter, sales page with the exact directions on what to do next. Most people want to know the best way to get in touch with you or download their freebie, etc. Simply say it: "Comment below", "Click save on this one", "Click this button to buy", "DM me to learn more" or "Visit the link in my profile" are some of the best ones!

So, to keep this short and sweet I will end here with those tips and hope they inspire you to look at your content in a simpler manner. Most of all, as always, try to make it fun! Make sure to message me and let me know how you used these tips, I love to hear how you are doing.

Thanks for reading!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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