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Instagram Profile Basics: What to do with your "Link in Bio"


You see it all the time... a story or post that says "link in bio" and sends the viewer to the website in the account profile to access more information. Do you make use of this feature in your profile correctly? This is an amazing way to direct your followers to your website, package or wherever you want them to buy from you or learn from you at the time. You can change this to lead to any website you are featuring, as often as you would like!

But what about when you have multiple places at once you would like to send people to? Many use an app called "Linktree", it's really pretty, simply formatted and allows someone to click on one of many displayed option buttons to l lead to websites. However, from time to time Instagram doesn't play well with this third party app.

Here's a way to resolve this: make your own version! Using a landing page or website page you can create a spot of your own on the internet where you add all the links you want people to visit. And since it's a simple web address, IG won't flag it for using other apps. Yay!


Make a MailChimp landing page (or from your fave landing page creator) and create it simply to feature your links. Make it super simple... thank visitors at the top, use your logo and brand colors and feature only a list of buttons. It looks best when they are the same size and describe what each link is for. Make sure to connect the links properly and publish, saving the page address to load directly into your Instagram profile. Voila!


If you have access to your website for changes like I do here on Wix, simply add a page called "LINKS". Add buttons with all the links you want people to visit, same as option one. (I keep this page hidden from my menu, which is a personal choice). Publish and add the link to your IG profile. Check out my Instagram profile link to see what I mean.

This simple hack looks very professional and it fairly easy to accomplish! If you need a little more help, feel free to reach out to me with questions. Plus, landing page creation is on my services menu and I am happy to make one for you while teaching you how to update it yourself!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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