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Let's Talk About...Landing Pages!


Let's discuss a very important item when growing your business online: Landing Pages. A lot of business owners don’t know what they are or if they do, don’t understand where to get one or how to use it properly. Plus, creating the content alone can be daunting. This is one of the most outsourced items to Virtual Assistants and Copywriters like myself.

Going back to basics: a landing page is simply a stand alone web page who’s entire purpose is singular. It can be a Sales Page where you explain your service or products and lead a potential customer of what they will get from their purchase and includes purchase links. Or it could be a Capture Page for subscribers to opt-in to your freebie or discount and simply be a form to submit an email and name.

Landing Pages are essential to business since it creates your email list, sets your customer up for expectations and in the best case scenario… inspires a purchase! 

How do you get one of these? There are several places to create your own Landing Page. Many website platforms allow you to add one for free, such as Wix (which is what I use). CRM sites like Mailchimp, SendGrid, HubSpot, ConvertKit, Kajabi all have options for this as well. Check your email and website plans to see if they offer landing pages and their pricing which go from FREE to $200/month and check to see if they capture emails for your mailing list and future sales funnels mailings. 

Once you have chosen your platform, such as Mailchimp...simply click on “Create Landing Page” and start adding your logo, pictures and more! Customization for branding colors and fonts are often available and the options from making this a full scale sales page with several buttons leading to a sale or just an email subscription opt-in box. 

Things to remember when creating your landing page:

  • Your end goal

  • Where you will link the reader next (hint, to a purchase checkout or receive a freebie

  • If your email sequences are in place to follow up before you publish your landing page

  • If you will offer a Tripwire sales option when they arrive at your page

If this landing page is a sales page, it should be thorough and fully explain what you are selling, why you’re the one your potential customer should trust and where to purchase. It should also be uncomplicated and visually appealing. Your “click here” buttons should be positive and easy to find, leading to a simple purchase or sign up process. This is where you get to make your service or products truly shine and close the potential sales.

If it’s an email opt-in it should be very simple and short with a box for the desired information needed such as email and first name. This should connect to a freebie or discount they are looking to receive in exchange for their info or at the very least to gain access to your newsletters. You still may include a friendly message in your voice, branding and a description of exactly what they are going to receive.

As you can see, the idea of landing pages are simple and straightforward, but can pack a lot of value to your company when crafted well and utilized properly. May I suggest downloading my free guide on what you need to include on your sales landing page? This will help you to create your own page or have the information ready to share with your Virtual Assistant for them to craft the right page for you. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for a future article on how to start your Email Lists!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

PS: Are we friends on Instagram? Let's connect there: @girlattheyellowdesk

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