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Should I Delegate?


As a Virtual Assistant, the most frequently asked questions I find women in business ask themselves is about delegation.

Questions such as:

  • Should I delegate tasks I can do myself?

  • Can I let tasks go to someone else?

  • How do I find someone I trust?

  • Is it something I can afford?

  • Where do I even begin?

In this blog post I will help answer all of those and provide a simple, but effective free resource for you to get started delegating like the boss you are!


Should I delegate tasks I can do myself?

In short, YES! Why not? Just because you can clean a toilet doesn't mean you always want to, right? So imagine a life where you never had to do an unwanted task again? Maybe that's not entirely possible...but didn't you start your own business so you can do more of the things you love? Drop the guilt or whatever holds you back from allowing yourself the idea that even though you can do something, maybe even really well, that you don't have to if you don't want to.

Can I let tasks go to someone else?

A boss can delegate effectively and since you ARE a boss then you can too. Once you get the hang of it, this gets easier and easier. Ways to make this simple could include a training program for new hires or even lists, spreadsheets and calendars to make taking care of your tasks a no brainer for them. Make sure to have open communication and a means for making that streamlined such as "Slack", "Asana" or another CRM. One thing to remember: don't make this overly complicated or you'll burn out before you even gain the benefit of having someone take care of things for you. This can also be helped by properly vetting and hiring someone you trust well before you even ask them to do work for you.

How do I find someone I trust?

There are so many places to find a good Virtual Assistant or someone with specific skills you need, but I suggest referrals and seeing the work yourself. Referrals can be from others you've never met as long as you have seen the work yourself. For instance if you want to hire someone to write emails, ask someone who has great emails made for them. This goes for social media and brand or website creation. Who's content do you enjoy? When you schedule a chat with them, don't forget that you have to get along with your potential assistant and be aligned in missions. It's ok if you don't fit with some of the VAs you interview, everyone isn't for everyone. Make sure before you say yes to anyone that you truly like them and feel they will be a great fit for you personally.

Is it something I can afford?

It should be something you budget for from the beginning of a new business, new projects or when expanding. Make the space to give yourself time and peace of mind. If you hire the right person, they may even pay for themselves!

Where do I even begin?

Start with yourself and make a list of what tasks you will need to do in the near future and also day to day in your business. Then you can clearly see what types of people you should search for and follow the above advice to figure out who to hire. And make sure to grab my "How to Delegate Like a Boss" free guide for more inspiration!


I hope this helps you to to find freedom by delegating your tasks to someone you trust...maybe even someone like me!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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