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What is a Content Pillar, Do You Even Need Them?

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This is a cheesy photo of me on vacation at a museum pretending to break down some pillars. It was really fun and it was my last trip pre-COVID-19 "stay at home orders" so I love this even more. Now it represents how many of us feel day to day about wanting to be free again!

When it comes to content pillars, I don't want to ever break them apart... these, my friend, are the basis of your business! To define this term most simply, these are the 3-4 main ideas that all of your marketing information surrounds and is supported by. Look at it this way: it's how you choose to assist others with your knowledge and experience. Bonus, it's also what you’re becoming known for as what you do best!

Do you know your content pillars yet? Start with this checklist:

  • Define your zones of genius and what you love to talk about with clients.

  • Pick about 3 main topics you feel you could teach someone about without even thinking.⁣

  • Branch smaller pieces of info from within those main topics to create a giant tree of knowledge that stems from the center pillar.

  • Decide on the content pillars and make sure all of your marketing content, whether written or spoken use these themes from now on.

I hope that has you thinking about simple ways you can sharpen your focus to be of more help to others who are looking for exactly what you have to offer and how to effectively create your marketing content. Are you starting to think about what you want to talk about?

I would love to hear your plan! Don't be a stranger, reach out and share your content pillars with me. Talk to you soon...


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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