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What is your Superpower?

...and why is finding your inner Wonder Woman (or Batgirl, like me!) so dang important?


Superpowers and superheroes shaped many of our childhoods. I have ALWAYS been in love with Batman and when I found out there was a Batgirl AND she's a redhead, I found my pre-teen icon!

Why? Besides the above mentioned red hair (I always wished I was a redhead) and the fact that she could kick buns with the boys, there is strength of branding and a trademark there. I knew what she was going to say and I liked it. I knew what to expect on her episodes of Batman (the cheesy 60's Adam West version - KAPOW!) and I loved her look. She was defined, clearly outlined and it was so easy for me to personally resonate with her unique power and persona. It was easy to trust what I would get from her. Sure, other girl superheroes are also amazing, but they are their own persons, too and if you have any opinions at all then you know who your favorite superhero is, without a doubt.

On that note, here's why finding your superpower is so important:⁣

💥 You are probably in a similar business as other women and sometimes feel like you aren’t the only one doing what you’re doing. You are because you are you. Knowing what makes you special will push you to be your best you everyday.⁣

💥 It makes it easier to attract the right clients to you, they are looking for you and what you alone have to offer. ⁣

💥 You can also be your most authentic self with your clients and serve them the way you designed your program to be most supportive when you own your superpower..⁣

💥 Then, marketing becomes easier! You can highlight exactly why you stand out from the crowd and repeat this process with purpose.

💥 It now becomes possible to help more people when you focus on what you do best!⁣

What is my superpower? ⁣That I not only have 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, but that I truly care about your business! I can create content for you all while supporting emotionally and coaching along the way using all my expertise.⁣

I am super! I have power! And so do you. So for the good of all, find what you do best, what makes you special. Find your superpower. Because, babe, you have at least one! Now go and share it with the world. KAPOW!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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