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What's the Deal with TikTok and Should You Be On It Too?


TikTok is the new kid on the block for social media. But is TikTok the new thing that's here to stay or will it quickly fade away?

Social Media trends come and go all the time. They are usually started just for fun, but for business owners it's always a game of wondering if hopping on the latest party bus will be worth all the effort to possibly gain customers. As an entrepreneur myself my time is definitely limited. Choosing where to focus our energy is a huge factor in all marketing decisions of small businesses.

This choice is super subjective and personal, however there are some facts we can absolutely consider. Many, many marketers for small businesses will advise that you should double or triple down your efforts to only one social media channel until it's almost perfect before adding efforts to other social media platforms. This is especially a tip for businesses that don't yet have assistants or employees. The reasoning behind this is that you can reach your ideal client much more effectively if you laser focus on reaching them on one channel PLUS it saves a lot of time and effort or "chasing shiny object" syndrome. The other side of the coin is the advice of being as visible as possible wherever possible to spread your reach farther.

Whichever choice feels right for you, you're probably reading this because you are wondering if you should join TikTok and why. So let's dig into that!

TikTok is a short videos only platform that's growing super fast every single day with new followers in ALL age ranges and backgrounds. In fact, it's become super cool to find people like yourself by age or genre with hashtags and connect through funny and informative content.

Speaking of hashtags. the algorithm favors toward new growth and content. If you use tags that feature current trends and post videos using popular songs or dances, it's super easy to become very visible and fast. In fact, it's amazing for attracting your ideal clients since so many are flocking to this platform and searching for all kinds of content. It's not the same as Instagram's algorithm, on it's own it is proving effective to launch newer users of all backgrounds into viral posts and followings almost overnight. TikTok has stated that their algorithm works harder than other platforms to match like people to others. The new influencers are expanding at a very fast rate.

Which brings us to the best part of TikTok: the community. It's so wonderful to feel understood and connect with people who are here to just have fun. Of course, I hear there are still plenty of "trolls" sitting around waiting to tear people down... but all in all there is so much support. And the more you follow and comment, the faster you can grow and be featured on the main "for you" page by the algorithm.

Finally, this is the most fun social media platform to scroll and post on. Joining a dance challenge or lip syncing to your favorite episode of "The Office" or even posting a duet side by side to your favorite influencer or celebrity a great time! I know, I sound like a total commercial. Perhaps I am just a newly converted TikTok-er who is addicted and trying to justify. But either way, whether this is a sort lived trend or continues on for awhile... (and whether or not I get treated for my addiction) if you have the time to try it, my vote is that you definitely should check it out with a business focus due to it's quick growing potential.

Here's a free guide to getting started on TikTok if you haven't yet. And if you join, make sure to follow and comment on my account and I will do the same back!


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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