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Why Use Photo Categories on Instagram?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

What am I talking about?

What are photo categories? A new feature? Sorry, let me explain. Categories are literally categories YOU choose when curating your Instagram Feed. You may have heard mention of these from experienced Social Media coaches and I have to say that's where I first heard of this as well. This format has helped my business greatly and that of the clients I manage.

So how do you use them? First of all, you need to choose about 9 categories of "things" or "categories" you want to feature. Why 9 categories? Since an Instagram Feed is in sections of 3-across on any smartphone, it gives a clear picture of who you are at first glance. It doesn't have to be SO curated that you do these categories in repeated chronological order over and over, although you certainly can. But it helps to give you subjects to focus on when planning your grid and attract clients.

How to choose?

I start by asking how personal you would like to get. Do you want to show your family, travels, home, pets, etc? Those are all categories themselves. Then I ask what hobbies to you want to share as well as what would your ideal client like to see? Make a long list of what you want to show and if you're short of ideas, check out some of your favorite feeds for inspo. And here's a short list that may help: pets, books, beaches, trees, flowers, coffee, your family, your trips, selfies, locations you work, things that inspire you.

What is the goal?

That my friend, is up to you in the end. But the main goal of IG for business is to attract people and you do that with consistency in your posts and branding to increase your "like, know and trust" factor. I should be able to look at your IG page and know who you are and why I want to follow you. I should see what we have in common. Make this easy for anyone coming to your Instagram feed. Then the beauty is that you can use those posts to talk about how they relate to your business and give tips and value to your followers.

Hoping this inspired you! Please share with me your categories and ask any questions you have. I am always here to help! In fact, I have a FREEBIE available with 5 Tips to a Captivating Instagram Feed. Make sure you click here to get it.

And if this is just too much for you to want to work on, this happens to be my specialty. Click the packages link on this website for more info and let's schedule a consult for me to be your Instagram manager OR an Instagram Audit.


Charlese | Girl at the Yellow Desk

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